Saturday, January 23, 2010

Back from the Holidays!

 I'm Very Very Busy!  

We've all been there, that Very Very Busy Time leading up to the Holidays.  Those 10 minutes you've left yourself to organize everything, buy all your gifts online and get everything ready for the Perfect Holiday?

Did last year's solidly determined "This will NEVER happen again.  This year I'm going to be WAYS more organized and get everything done in August" elude you too?

How to Be "Busy" at Work Right Before the Holidays in 5 easy Steps:

  1. This one is EASY!  DO NOTHING!  STOP IT!  You're doing Stuff, I can tell!  Stop right now, just sit back and relax, and do nothing.  Just sit there and read, or Facebook, just hang out, make and drink lots of coffee.  That's it!  Make and drink lots of coffee!  Isn't this Easy?Coffee break!
  2. Tell everyone that you are very very busy! 

    This one sounds funny but bear with me.  People tend to believe everything they hear.  What better way to have them believe that you are very very busy than to just tell them that!  Here, with the benefit of modern office technology, I can tell thousands of people that I am very very busy in a single day! 
  3. Write your Holiday Gift List.  This is especially well-suited to using up a day at the office!  Here you can get very very busy indeed!  I asked for pretty much everything in the Toy Section of the Sears Catalog.  This had to be typed, and then printed.  For this job I found the biggest, fastest, laser printer in the building and then told everyone that I needed it because I had a "Special Report" to do.  Letter to Santa.... check!Make sure to send a copy to that gift-giving guy Santa, and send it Priority Post because there isn't much time!
  4. Sign up for "Various Other Duties" that you think will be a good chance to show off your people, organizational, or management skills. 
    More coffee please!
    Make sure once you have signed up for the "Various Other Duty" that you form a committee, and have many coffee meetings!    In my case I signed up for the Fridge Cleaning for the week.  We had a great committee meeting, and then it was time to clean the fridge! 
    What a wonderful job!  All that food in there.  So much food, and all kinds of different food.  There was something for everyone!  I did get a tummy ache in the afternoon though.  Who knew Yogurt could go bad? 
  5. Wait around for that "Very Important Report" that Someone else is working on that is mission-critical for you to move forward with your own show-stopping project.  In this case, it was waiting for Santa to reply to my 300 page letter!  Waiting for Santa's reply